Lillian D.

Tour Guide at Louisiana State University

Class of 2022

Hometown: Douglasville, GA

Major: Anthropology

Secondary Major: History

Minor: International Studies

My favorite spot on campus is...

the Parade Ground! It is a great place to study or have a picnic with friends. There are always dogs you can pet, people playing games, the Quidditch team is always a highlight, and things to look at! Plus, when it's not raining, it's the best place to get some sun!

My favorite LSU class/professor is ...

Japanese History with Professor Barton or any anthropology class with Professor Tague, affectionately known to Anthropology students as Bob or Professor Bob.

The highlight of my college experience at LSU has been...

falling in love with what I'm studying. It may seem cheesy to some but going to classes and learning about things I'm passionate about from professors who love what they're talking about and researching is my favorite thing. Not only in the anthropology and history department but all of the other departments as well!! I've had amazing experiences with professors outside my major and inside, who are passionate about what they teach and who in turn make you excited for what your learning. Whether that's a geology 1000 class you took to knock off your gen ed science and end up having a word renowned professor who emails you to say he won't be in class the next day because instead, he will be presenting in front of the United Nations about Climate Change, or a specific major course like ANTH 2015 where your professor works on the ancient underwater Mayan temples in Peru and is able to introduce her fieldwork to us in such a way that the course work is easier to understand, every professor is passionate about what they are teaching. They love what they do and they want you to learn!

My advice to incoming students is...

to take a deep breath. You may be overwhelmed or even terrified that first week on campus but understand everyone else around you is too. Put yourself out there as much as possible! Invite people you may not have talked to for coffee or lunch, whether you share a class, live in the same dorm, or simply like their bookbag. Everyone is just as nervous and scared as you are so try and take the initiative to put yourself out there whenever possible!

I'm passionate about...

Travelling Libraries Halloween Coffee Plants Art Museums Anthropology

I'm involved with...

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