Broty S.

Tour Guide at Louisiana State University

Class of 2024

Hometown: Lafayette, LA

Major: Mass Communication-Public Relations

Concentration: Public Relations

Secondary Major: Sociology

Minor: Business

My favorite LSU class/professor is ...

Dr. David Stamps from the Manship School of Mass Communication. His MC 2035: Social Media & Digital Branding class has been my favorite class yet!!

I chose LSU because...

I'm a social creature. Of course, my senior college--Manship School of Mass Communication--is the best mass communication program in the South, but the students here are all so friendly. I thrive off of human interaction here and everyone here is more than willing to have a conversation, hang out, or make new friends. It's that good 'ole southern hospitality!

My advice to incoming students is...

GET INVOLVED! The best way to make friends, get your name out there, fill up a resume, make connections, and get the most out of your college experience is to get involved :-)

My favorite spot on campus is...

the Parade Ground. It's one of the prettiest places on campus. It's perfect for laying out a blanket and having a picnic or just doing some school work because the wifi reaches out there too. It's located right in between the Law Center and Memorial Clock Tower so it's great for pictures. And it's also right next to the Barnes&Noble, Quad, and Student Union so it's easy access to multiple resources!

I'm passionate about...

Event Planning Public Speaking Coffee Fashion Photography Music Thrifting

I'm involved with...

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